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Communication is an art. But there’s a science to it. 

What is science? Simply put, science is the study of life. One of superpowers is the ability to take academic research and break it down so that I can explain it in a practical way. This was my entire college experience. Even now, I spend a lot of time reading (and sometimes re-reading) scientific journals that offer useful approaches to my clients. I’m happy to now share my love and knowledge of research with you.

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How Heartbreak Healed Me

Breakups are often associated with negative connotations. Societal views seem to suggest that the end of a relationship is somehow a failure. The term “breakup” itself implies that something needs to be fixed. In reality, not all relationships should be fixed. If you are in an unhealthy relationship, where you are physically, emotionally or psychologically abused, we would not offer suggestions on how to fix that relationship. Perhaps a better alternative is to start a new course.


The Science of Relationships

Examines communication and psychological theories to better understand why some individuals behave certain ways in romantic relationships.

Exercising Emotional Discipline

Shows participants how to navigate their emotions during different stages in relationships. This workshop explores grief, disappointment, forgiveness, and resilience.

When Silence Speaks Louder Than Words

Compares the practice of ostracism to ghosting and provides insight on their effects. Additionally, this class offers strategies for more effective ways to communicate the end of a relationship.

Attachment Styles & Your Attachment System

Investigates the 4 attachment styles developed by Bowlby and Ainsworth to understand how early child-caregiver bonds influence behaviors in adult romantic relationships.

Destructive Communication & Romantic Relationships

Identifies 4 communication styles that can increase conflict and cause couples to split.

AVOID THIS MAN: Dark Triad Personality

Explains the trio of negative personality traits known as narcissism, Machiavellianism, and psychopathy.

Why It Hurts So Bad

Demonstrates the phenomena of “broken heart syndrome” which has been shown to mimic characteristics of a heart attack and offers participants skills to

Your Device and Your Relationship

Discusses the advantages and disadvantages of mediated communication such as text and instant messaging, read receipts, and the idea of constantly being in perpetual contact.

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