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Odyssey is a social content platform that crowdsources the ideas of millennial thought leaders embedded in local communities. Contributors are encouraged to write on local and national issues in a variety of verticals, including politics, entertainment, lifestyle, and sports. 

Writing for Odyssey means gaining experience with a nationally recognized digital media platform through which you can develop a portfolio of published writing samples on a site that gets more than 22 million views per month! With our corporate office in New York City, Odyssey is expanding and diversifying every day.

Odyssey‘s social content platform flips the traditional top-down editorial model, harnessing the ideas of Millennials around the globe. It surfaces a rich and otherwise untapped diversity of perspectives, enabling local stories to be told on a national scale, and gives talented writers the opportunity to express themselves and be heard, supported by a rigorous editorial process and its proprietary MUSE technology. Content finds its most relevant audience through organic social sharing.