Bryan & Shanetta

An intimate look

Some of the most beautiful love stories happen by chance. Bryan & Shanetta’s love story almost didn’t happen, but a chance encounter at the onset of a new year led them to new love.

From the outside, it’s easy to see why these two are a match, but as I sat down to talk with this pair, I quickly realized they’re more than meets the eye.

Bryan & Shanetta could be a star couple on anybody’s reality show. They’re both successful, charismatic and together they make an attractive duo. But before these two were joined in wedded bliss, they almost let their chances at love slip. Two years before they met, Shanetta claims she saw Bryan moderating a hair show and professed he would be her husband. But after a declined invitation to one of his events, it would be nearly two years before the couple would meet again.

Hit & Miss

Initially, Bryan didn’t think that she was interested. They both agreed that from their original meeting in February 2012, Shanetta seemed uninterested. While Bryan states he made several attempts to get her attention over a span of more than 10 months, he thought she was involved with someone else when his unanswered phone calls were always met with an immediate text response. Bryan mistook his advances towards her as a lack of interest while Shanetta explains that she simply preferred to text rather than to talk on the phone.


Almost a year later, the two would meet again at one of B-Level’s event’s. B-Level is the moniker that Bryan is known as in Little Rock, where he’s the owner of Club Empire. The night of January 12th turned into endless days of the pair becoming joined at the hip. “From the night of January 12th, we literally spent every day together after that for a long period time,” Bryan declares. Their romance was nothing short of a whirlwind. Six months later, he asked Shanetta to be his wife.

Still Smitten

I observed the pair, who after more than 6 years together still look at each other like they’re on their first date. “She can walk in a room and grab the attention,” Bryan lovingly admits of his wife. “We’re everything to each other,” Shanetta begins, “we’re business partners, we’re lovers, we’re friends. It sounds cliché but I couldn’t see living my life without him. That’s one of my biggest fears, to have to continue life and he not be a part of it.”

My observation of these two was not one that I initially expected. If I’m honest, I didn’t expect Bryan to be the articulate businessman that he is. By that, I mean, due to the public persona that is often associated with your typical “club promoter,” Bryan doesn’t fit that mold. In fact, he’s very relatable and has standards that exceed a surface level, which I concluded as a primary reason he was attracted to his wife. Shanetta, the independent and career-driven woman that she is, she’s also a prime example of what, I believe, it means to be submissive while not being a doormat. I could see the respect they have for each other. And it’s not only inspiring, it’s very endearing.

May you continue to look at each other with the eyes of love’s youth.


De’Ja , ❤ (With Love)


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