Rosalynd & Tommy


Most people will agree that the foundation for any relationship is a common ground. Rosalynd and Tommy share more than a love for each other, they also have a heart to serve those around them.

Standing on Common Ground

Officer Norman’s claim to fame came after his social posts on Instagram went viral for “positive policing” in the community. His fiancé, Rosalynd, also shares a love for the community as an elementary grade school teacher. When asked what it is they most admired about each other, they both reflected on the selfless characteristics they share.

“She’s a teacher. She’s a public servant. And the fact that public service has been a part of my life as a teenager, to fall in love with someone who relates to what public service is, that’s something really big to have in common,” Norman dotes of his future wife. As for her fiancé, Rosalynd shares, “I admire that he is so loving. He does so much for other people. He loves people and it’s genuine. It’s hard not to love someone who loves so easily.”

It’s true. Even on a random trip to Wal-Mart or Friday night at a football game, he attracts the kindness of strangers.

The couple agree that neither of them were looking for a relationship when they met. Although there was an initial attraction, Tommy insists that he was committed to his work at that time. Likewise, Rosalynd admits that she was focused on her son, who at the time was barely two years old. She reveals that it would be an entire year of dating before she introduced Tommy to her son.

The Proposal Heard Round the World

It was supposed to be just a celebration for Rosalynd’s 30th birthday on the night Officer Norman proposed. In an upscale restaurant, surrounded by Rosalynd’s family and friends, Tommy got on one knee, with the blessing from her 6-year old son, Riley, and asked Rosalynd to be his wife.

Friendship is the Foundation

The duo revealed the secret to their relationship was their foundation as friends. Norman reveals that in some ways, their friendship trumps their engagement because they view each other with the value of a true friend. “Best friends get you through a lot in life,” begins the beloved officer, “And I can honestly say that she is one of my very best friends.”

May you always find a friend in the person who you love.

With love,

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