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The Real Black Carrie Bradshaw

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De’Jarnette K. Johnson is an author, blogger and owner of TheRealBlackCarrieBradshaw.com, a blog dedicated to love, life and relationships. De’Ja is a graduate of UA Little Rock with a Masters degree in Applied Communication with an emphasis on Interpersonal & Romantic relationships. Having completed her thesis on Ghosting, De’Ja has extensive knowledge on relational issues such as Attachment styles, Dark Triad personalities and Intrapersonal communication. She is also the creator of GlowUp with TRBCB (formerly The Breakup Space Recovery Program ), a coaching program designed to help you cope with the loss of your relationship, manage your emotions and empower you to obtain the love that you deserve.

When she’s not writing, De’Ja enjoys public speaking, traveling and spending time with her family and two Yorkies. Her mission is to inspire the belief in love through faith, heartbreak and self-love. “I truly believe there is healing in the midst of heartbreak. I’m a living witness & I want to show the world how to take that pain & see it as a blessing.”

To connect, visit  www.therealblackcarriebradshaw.com and Follow on social media platforms @TheRealBlackCarrieBradshaw.


“I am a writer. I am a blogger, although I prefer the term bloggerist. I am many things encompassed in one fabulous exterior, handcrafted by Jesus, himself.”     

“This is how I knew blogging was for me. I could never think of just one thing that I wanted to do. I’ve always wanted to explore many things. I have a unique interest in photography. I like cooking. And I love to travel!”     

“The best love advice that I ever received from my father was when he told me, ‘Don’t wait for him. It doesn’t take a man that long to figure what he wants,’. When you hear that from your father, you don’t have a choice but to believe him.”    

My daily mantra that I tell myself EVERY day and have plastered in my home, car and office is “I am beautiful. I deserve only the best. I will not settle for what I have. I will wait for what I want. True Love and World Travel.”   

Things I love……Love, Beyoncé, Jhene Aiko, cupcakes, traveling, being by/on/in the water (even if it’s just the rain), red wine, white flowers, FAMILY and el hermosa idoma de espanol.

Things I don’t love…..owls (or reptiles), trains, negativity, secrets, road trips (which constitutes anything over 4 1/2 hrs), cold weather, large crowds, sushi & #Sidechicks.

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The Real Black Carrie Bradshaw
The Real Black Carrie Bradshaw
The Real Black Carrie Bradshaw
Carrie Bradshaw vs The Real Black Carrie Bradshaw
The Real Black Carrie Bradshaw

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  1. Anonymous

    Hey I’m keeping my word and checking out ur page like I said I would. I love supporting black men and women that is pushing towards their goals.


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