The Great Vagina Debate

Lori Harvey and Taylor Swift have been hot topics in the dating department.

It was brought to my attention with my last post, on why attractive people struggle more in relationships which alluded to fashion model Lori Harvey, that people seem to believe dating behaviors are characterized as more scandalous when referring to Black women rather than white women. 

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Becoming a Blogger

Photo credit: Laura Olsen, Unsplash

When I started blogging five years ago, there were no where near the number of opportunities there are now. It used to be that going to college was the way to establish a career and means of income, but with the surge of bloggers and influencers gaining popularity on Instagram and Tiktok, not to mention brand endorsements and cold hard cash, these non traditional paths are quickly becoming a preferred route for making a living.

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10 Last Minute Valentine’s Day Gifts for Your S.O.

I don’t know about you but personally, I love to shower my man with random acts of love on any day of the year, but for Valentine’s Day, the Super Bowl of days to show your partner how much they mean to you, oh I go all out. And being that we’re less than a week away from game day, I thought it would be helpful to put together this Valentine’s Day gift guide with 10 cute ideas for practical gifts to make or gift your significant other, if you’re last minute shopping.

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I Once Dated Future

Nayvadius DeMun Wilburn, better known as rapper, Future

American rapper, Future, whose birth name is Nayvadius Wiburn bursted onto the music scene in the 2010 era with hits like Mask Off and Honest but it’s his personal life topping the headlines sometimes, more than his music on the charts, particularly when it comes to his dating life.

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The Power of a Prayer (How to Pray for a Partner)

(Photo by Image Group LA/ABC via Getty Images) RUSSELL WILSON, CIARA

R & B superstar, Ciara and Russell Wilson have been a constant reminder of #RelationshipGoals on our timelines since they wed in 2016, however, it was a 2019 interview with Angie Martinez that sent the internet into a tizzy around “Ciara’s prayer”. To date, there are books and blogs on the subject matter, including the 2018 devotional by Bradley D. Ramsey, Ciara’s Prayer: The Prayer Ciara Prayed for Russell Wilson.

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Is Valentine’s Day Overrated?

Super Bowl Sunday is rapidly approaching, but February 14 is the Super Bowl for couples and one of the most commercialized “holidays” in the US. Yet, for many Americans, it’s no cause to celebrate. Studies have linked a variety of emotions to individuals around this holiday, from those in relationships who experience anxiety due to their attachment styles to people who over anticipate how they will feel about the day.

Both singles and couples agree that it adds, at least some degree of unnecessary stress, from dinner reservations to pressure to find the perfect gift for your sweetheart. However, there are some who still enjoy and actually celebrate the day. I asked 50 people (single, married and in a relationship) how they planned to observe the occasion and here’s what they had to say.

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