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The Glow Up is a personal development program that utilizes high-quality human communication to empower individuals to design and attain significant goals in their lives. As a certified professional coach, De’Ja K. Johnson specializes in consulting, teaching & developing strategies to help her clients reframe their experiences and discover strengths to help them reach their personal goals.

De’Ja provides innovative & effective tools to help tap into your best Self, as well as meditative practices to strengthen healing and self-love. De’Ja may also recommend referral services for counseling and more. Simply put, De’Ja offers guidance and assistance to people who desire to make actionable changes for the betterment of their lives. Some of the topics addressed during coaching sessions include:

  • Undertstanding that change is a process, not an event
  • Learn HOW the FOOL-PROOF formula (motivation + action) for reaching your every single one of your goals WORKS (and actual PROOF is provided)
  • How your childhood experiences are still affecting you & HOW TO harness that energy for growth
  • Why setting boundaries for your self-care is non-negotiable
  • How the unconscious mind shapes your behavior
  • What psychologists know about reframing your perspective + one simple way you can do it, too
  • The truth about social media & your well-being (yes, it can be bad, but there’s ONE SURPRISING BENEFIT that can help you shift your mindset)
  • Evidence-based strategies for REAL change
  • Step-by-step action plan to help guide you
  • A sense of clarity on what it is that you actually WANT
  • A track-record of your actions, for accountability purposes
  • Customized support to address your individual goals
  • Credentials & Professionalism (Master’s degree and professional certifications)
  • REAL RESULTS (because…I do this, for real)
  • *Up to 6 LIVE sessions

Coaching Services

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