Dear Mama,

Birthday Celebration 2013

I thought long and hard about what I wanted to get you this year for your 57th birthday. Flowers, jewelry, a spa day, all the traditional things that we’ve gotten you in years past. On this day, in addition to the gifts that we bought you, I wanted to give you something that money can’t buy. I wanted to honor you with flowers of a different variety, as the phrase goes, I wanted to give you flowers while you’re still here.

Enjoying the beauty of nature

Not to be morbid, but I often think of the inevitable day that you won’t be around for me to call and talk to. And on days when I rush you off the phone or send your calls to voicemail, I can’t help but imagine how I’ll feel when I can’t get those moments back and how the day will come that I’ll give anything to hear your voice for just another minute. I pray now for strength to go on once God calls you home.

Mommy, Daddy & MamaDuece #Family1st

Your laugh is contagious. There are times when we have laughed for several minutes, to the point of tears and pain and loss of breath, literally! I catch myself laughing out loud to crazy moments we’ve shared, like that time we were driving to Texas and you pulled right into that rest stop just like it was a continuation of I-30, or the that time you gave the police officer the peace sign when he tried to signal for us to pull over while he already had a man stopped on the side of the road when we were moving me to Maryland. Or just the silly times when we all laugh uncontrollably while criticizing every stupid show or movie that we watch on t.v., without even giving it a chance. #FridayNight #MovieNight@Moms

Caribbean 2014

You get your strength from your mother. You’ve always had it. And through your faith in Christ, you’ve instilled that same strength in me. As much as I don’t like thinking about it, I know that I’ll become the matriarch that will carry on your legacy of strength, hope and love. Mam-maw would be proud if she could see the struggles that you’ve endured and overcome. She is proud of you, as am I. The one thing that you have always maintained, even in the midst of turmoil was the goodness and the promises of God. And to this day, I watch you kneel at your bedside before you go to sleep.


Circa 2006

I wish I had your patience. You never seem to lose your cool. With the grandkids, with the job, with us! Even though we’re grown, I know we still stress you out with our childish antics and mindless behavior, like our most recent episode… #Beyoncé #BeyHive #Lemonade, lolol. You are fair and never take sides, although for some reason, the consensus seems to be that for both you and Daddy especially, that I’m the favorite…. I’m just sayin.#HairFlip #Smile

Cajun’s Wharf

You stand up for and believe in what’s right. God truly knows your heart and you know without the shadow of a doubt that He has favor on your life. I’ll never forget when Uncle Butch told you that as well, with the smile that permeated his face for the entire time that I knew him.

Bar Louie, November 2012


I could sit here and try to think of something more profound to say. Luckily, because you know me better than anyone on this planet, I don’t have to. You already know that I love you. But there hasn’t been a word spoken, written or thought of yet that accurately describes the depth of love that I have for you.

Mama, I can honestly say that I would be a completely different person if it weren’t for you. I have learned from your struggles. I’ve grown from your mistakes. I’ve discovered that your strength is anchored in the Lord. And that’s the gift that you’ve given to me.


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  1. Kendria Jones

    I love this!!!! Your mom has always been a wonderful woman from when we were little girls until now!!! I hope your day is the greatest Karen!!!! Love yall!!!! ~Ken J~

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