I Quit My Job

This is NOT a test. This actually happened today.

Most people will agree that it’s usually better to quit a job once you already have another job secured. And while I’m typically among those who advise in favor of this position, I recently found myself on the other side of aisle.

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12 Days of Manifestion

I told you all in my last post how I felt about New Year’s resolutions. With the clock counting down, I had this epiphany today that instead of making resolutions, I wanted to practice mindfulness. Again, because the pressure of New Year’s seems too heavy for me, I came up with this idea, literally today, of The 12 days of Manifestation. It’s kinda like the 12 days of Christmas, only…well, you get the idea.

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So Much for Vacation

We all deserve a break sometime…

Every now & then, it’s good to take a step back from everything. I think the last thing I shared with you guys was that I managed to pull in a 4.0 GPA in my graduate studies while working, full-time, part-time & as a part-time grad assistant on a research project, outside of the “ghosting” research I’m doing for my own Master’s defense & that I needed a much needed vacation. While the idea of family vacation sounds like a good idea in theory, I don’t know why I keep convincing myself to go on family vacays every year. I’m not built for that shit.

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Don’t miss out on your purpose. 

The truth is everybody’s not built to be an entrepreneur. Some of us need structure. Some of us lack the discipline or the drive to become a “boss”. Some of us don’t even have the desire to be one in the first place. Whatever in life you find to be your calling, do it with pride & honor. Whether it’s running a company or running to the carpool to pick up your kids. God placed you here for a reason. It’s easy to negate our purpose, thinking that our works should be displayed on a grander stage but when you can find meaning in things outside of yourself, then that’s reason enough. If my purpose is to write for the dozens of you who engage with me, then I’ve served my purpose well.

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In Full Bloom

My mother has always had a green thumb. When I was a kid, I loved being in the yard with her at the first sign of spring planting buds in her flower bed. For the petite woman she was, my mother had no problem pulling up weeds and hedging the bushes on any given Saturday afternoon. You would think I would’ve inherited this crafty skill, but not so. While I enjoyed spending time with my mom running through the sprinklers after she mowed the lawn, putting in the work was never my strong suit.

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How Bad Credit Ruins Relationships

Image credit: adobestock_102183958-e1537733030927

After seven years negative information is no longer reported on your credit. This idea got me to thinking about negative information as it pertains to reputational damage within relationships.

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9-year old, Louie Schneider requesting letters from every state

A coworker of mine came in the office last week describing the scene on the highway of something compared to a royal escort. She said there was probably every law enforcement officer in the Pulaski county area present & that she didn’t know what was going on, but it was big.

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January 17 is New Year’s Resolution D-Day

We bust our asses for 40 hours a week to build someone else’s empire but won’t invest an hour a day into our own dreams. I know it gets hard & sometimes it seems like there’s not enough hours in a day but I want to encourage you that it can be done. I say this to you as a woman who not only works a full time job for a booming media company but also works part time with a mentally-disabled adult while working to complete my Master’s degree. Next week, I’ll begin my 3rd job as a Graduate Assistant at my Alma mater, researching relationships to aid in my thesis. At this moment, I’m sitting in my office, on my lunch break, pursuing my dream via writing this blog post. I say this to illustrate the point of making the time.

I read an article today in USA TODAY that said January 17 is considered New Year’s Resolution D-Day, the day most people give up on the goals they set at the first of the year. If you’re still reading this post, then you’re probably like me in the respect that you want something out of life. Something that you’ve not found in your 9-5.

I’m saying all of this to encourage you to make the time. Today. The secret (which really isn’t a secret) is discipline. It’s your life, after all. Do something today that will move you closer to your dream. I dare you. But don’t do it for me. Do it for yourself.

Thoughts –> Where are you on your resolutions this year? Did you even make one or are you past the pressure of New Year’s resolutions?

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