The Benefits of Being Single

Being in a relationship has its benefits. When you’re in a relationship, you always have someone to talk to and spend time with. You also have someone who is there for you during the good times and the bad. Being single, on the other hand, can be seen as a status that isn’t as good as being in a relationship.

I definitely feel like it’s more acceptable now that women, in particular, are more vocal about their solo relationship status, but it used to be that if you were a woman over 30 who didn’t have a man then something was presumed to be wrong with you. And while the tide seems to be turning on that, I wanted to share a few reminders of why being single has its own set of advantages.

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8 Reasons You Should Believe Good Men Still Exist

Are you one of those women who believe good men don’t exist? If so, you’re not alone. A lot of women feel that way these days. But is it really true? Or are we just overlooking the good ones because we’ve been hurt in the past? Here are 8 reasons to believe good men still exist.

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15 Ways to Become More DATEable

Online dating is easy, but it could be awkward at times, not to mention potentially dangerous when you factor in the creeps and weirdos that lurk behind screen names. Anyone can sound poised typing on a keyboard, but it can be quite different when it comes to striking up a conversation at the coffee shop or introducing yourself in real life.

You can double your chances of finding love by using your offline hours as effectively as you use your time online. Find out how to meet more singles and create an instant connection that could develop into something more.

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10 Tips for Finding the Most Compatible Partner

It’s not easy to find the right person. Too many people rely on attractiveness and infatuation to the exclusion of everything else. But those things fade with time.

Finding the right partner can add immeasurably to your life. Taking things too far with the wrong person can wreck your life. Starting with a few guidelines can help to smooth the process in your search for love.

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50 Ways to Show Love to Your Partner

When it comes to love, there are all sorts of ways to show your special someone how much they mean to you. Sometimes it’s the little things that matter most, while other times it’s the grand gestures that make the biggest impact. No matter what form it takes, expressing your love is always a good idea.

If you’re looking for ideas on how to showcase your affection, here are 50 great ways to do just that. From simple acts of kindness to grand romantic gestures, these ideas should help you get started. So get out there and start showing your partner some love!

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10 Relationship Rules that People Forget


Anyone who’s been in a relationship for more than six months knows this. There’s plenty of advice out there that you’ve heard at least 100 times.

However, there are probably a few things you’ve either never heard of or you’ve forgotten about. One of these forgotten items might make a huge difference in your relationship.

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Common Mistakes that Ruin Relationships

Relationships are challenging. It’s not like there’s an instruction manual for navigating romance and many of us don’t have effective role models to use as a healthy reference. Relationships also come with a lot of ego sensitivity. Even the most laid back individuals can get quite dramatic when it comes to relationship issues.

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How Do You Know When You’ve Met “The One”?

african american couple getting engaged

Is he the one? Is she the woman you’ve been searching for your entire life? It’s not always clear cut whether you’ve found the person of your dreams, or if you’re on the road to another disappointment.

While only time will tell in the end, there are signs you can look for that will give you a more accurate prediction of your success than just the butterflies you feel in your stomach.

After all, those butterflies have been wrong before.

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How Your Attachment Style Affects Your Relationships

Have you ever jumped from relationship to relationship every few months, wondering why you can’t find the perfect partner? Or maybe you’ve been left wondering why the partners you choose are always emotionally unavailable.

What if you knew that your relationship choices and the way you attach to others has been established since you were in the womb?

Attachment theory identifies the way you relate to and depend on others. Attachment theory also shows the patterns of how we show up in our relationships.

How does the way you attach to others affect your relationships today?

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