Facebook & Instagram BLACKOUT

As reported earlier today by Edward Snowden and several other news outlets including Down Detector, social media giants Facebook and Instagram are temporarily out of order & it may have something to do with a whistleblower situation that broke in the news in a 60 Minutes interview that claimed unethical practices by the social pair. 

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Cuffing Season During COVID? Try The NEW Dating App, BLK.

As summer officially came to an end on September 22, lower temperatures and shorter days have started to ushering in a new season as we find ourselves preparing for a very important time of year for many — cuffing season, you know, the time of year when it starts getting cooler and people are looking for bodies to cuddle up next to.

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Jeannie Mai is Pregnant with Her First Child with Husband, Jeezy After Miscarriage

Daytime TV talk-show host, Jeannie Mai is pregnant, expecting her first baby with musician husband Jeezy (born Jay Wayne Jenkins), she revealed on The Real talk show Monday, and in an interview with Women’s Health. Jeezy is already dad to two children but this will be the first for Mai who’s 42 years old.

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Kelly Rowland Stars in Merry Liddle Christmas Baby

For the first time ever, Lifetime presents a holiday trilogy with the latest installment of the Liddle family franchise & I. CAN’T. WAIT. I’ll admit that Christmas is one of my favorite holidays, but I’m not the girl who watches Christmas movies on Hallmark year round desperate to get in the spirit of things, but if I’m completely honest, Lifetime’s Liddle family has me hooked. Last year, I made sure to set my DVR to record it and I planned out my snacks and lit my fireplace, specifically to watch. And it didn’t disappoint.

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Ashanti Addresses Embrace at the Verzuz Battle, Says She’s in a Relationship (See Video)

I’ll be honest. I wasn’t tuned into the recent Verzuz battle between Fat Joe and Ja Rule, but I was damn sure following Insta posts for traces of a reconciliation between Midwest rapper, Nelly and the Princess of hip-hop, Ashanti.

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If I Should Die…

A more accurate title for this blog post would have been When I Die, because, I mean…should I state the obvious? But in an effort to be the least morbid as one can be whilst posting a self-obituary to the internet, I settled on the latter. In any case, I’ve been feeling immensely emotional & acutely aware of myself since that little TikTok I posted and I began this “self-obituary” as a cluster of thoughts that has turned into what I want you (whomever you are) to know.

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5 Reasons Why You Haven’t Gotten Over Your Ex (Even When You Know They Weren’t Good for You)

Breakups are one of the most traumatic things that can happen in our lives. And just when you thought the heartache from the rejection of a teenage love was bad, imagine being in your thirties to find it out, it’s even worse — but yet, we still embark on new relationships, because the pay-off is worth it, despite the risks. When something threatens our connections with the ones we love, primal feelings start to flare up, and a break up can feel like the end of the world, due our biological and psychological makeups.

Walking away from a meaningful relationship can be difficult, even when the split was mutual. Here are 5 reasons why you may be struggling to get over your ex, even when you know they weren’t good for you.

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30 Things to do After a Breakup

Neuroscience suggests one hour of focused concentration on one concept or idea literally doubles the amount of connections in your brain and produces physical evidence as a result of your interaction in the environment & is stored in the frontal lobe.

It takes about 30 days to form a habit, so you may as well make it a good one. Devote at least ONE HOUR each day for the first 30 days after your breakup to do something for yourself. Between work, kids, traffic, or whatever is on your plate, you must require 1 hour a day for self-care. Here are a few ways to help you start feeling better fast.

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Here’s How You Can Change Your Attachment Style

In today’s culture, attachment styles are a big issue. We all have one and they can determine the way we interact with other people. The secure attachment style is the best to have because it means you feel comfortable depending on others for emotional support, but also give help when needed. Insecure attachment styles often lead to anxiety, fear of abandonment or rejection, and not being able to trust anyone that comes into your life. If you want to change from insecure attachment style to secure attachment style, keep reading.

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The Science of Adult Attachment: How It Can Help You ‘Secure’ Love

Love is a complicated thing. Sometimes we think we are in love when actually what we’re feeling is attachment. Attachment can be good, but attachment that causes pain and anxiety is anything but. In this blog post, you’ll learn about attachment styles and how they affect your relationships and why attachment style matters in adult romantic relationships.