Xmas without Christ


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As I look all around, I’m reminded a bit

By those celebrating the joys of Christmas

The sellers & shoppers & stores all alike

Window displays of Christmas without Christ


How could this be? I said to myself

Overlooking the One who supplies all of our help

Why don’t children know the true meaning of this day

How do you explain it? And what do you say?


When we’re more concerned with gadgets and gifts

Maybe we’re the ones taking Christ out of Christmas

I challenge you to ask yourself one simple thing

To each one of you, what does Christmas really mean?


Would you still be joyous with no Christmas bells?

Would you still celebrate with no money for holiday sales?

What reason to smile without garland & bows

How about the birth of our Savior, from which all blessings flow


But if I don’t give presents what will everyone say?

How would I explain with no gifts to give on Christmas Day?

2 Philippians Verses 9&10

Explain how God took the name of Jesus and exalted Him

Above every other name in Heaven and on Earth

Because Jesus, our Lord, is the Last and the First


It is at His name that every knee shall bow and every tongue shall confess

That He is the reason that we have been blessed

For our Savior has paid the ultimate price

Born on this day a living sacrifice


He came down from Heaven so that we may live

Yea, it’s nice to get presents, but God wants us to give

Give thanks & honor & glory & praise

Keeping the Christ in Christmas, today and always

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Wishing you and yours a very Merry Christmas and a blessed New Year


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