Remy Ma vs. Nicki Minaj: Nicki’s strategy for the diss track rebuttal


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So I was trying to wait for Nicki Minaj to respond to the diss before I weighed in on the beef, but…..

Seeing as how it’s been more than a week and Nicki Minaj still hasn’t clapped back to the diss track, Shether, put out by Remy Ma last Saturday, she may as well not, at his point. I mean, really. For starters, what would she even say? Like, what would the first line of the track be?

When I tell you that I couldn’t even listen to whole song without taking a breather….I had to stop the music at 4:31, catch my breath, then come back and google the lyrics and listen again. Man, Remy went straight feddy for 7 minutes, strong. I know Nicki’s shook right now. I know it. I bet she’s somewhere right now, strategizing as best she can with her team on how to come back from this one. But I just don’t see it happening. I imagine that she’ll “spontaneously” drop a track during a performance of some sort. Awards season has already wrapped, so she’s already missed that window of opportunity.

There’s been debate on whether Remy’s record is truth or trash. I listened to the song, intently. I dissected it, line by line. And as far as I can tell, Remy came hard. Fact or fiction, she called out Nicki Lewinski on some pretty heavy accusations. Meanwhile, the self-proclaimed Barbie has remained mum, well, at least as far as a clap-back to the record is concerned. She has, however, taken to social media in posts that have since been removed to address Trey Songz’s role in the drama and what was supposed to be a jab at the disappointing sales of Remy’s last joint. But we are all still waiting for a rebuttal from the Queens native to try and establish her rightful place on the throne, as the Queen of Rap. But the odds are stacked against her.

Giving credit to the Pinkprint princess, Nicki Minaj has rhymes, but battle rapper, she is not. And the more time that passes by, the stronger she has to come when she does put out a response. And yes, she HAS to respond- or run the risk of the streets thinking she’s weak. And considering the fact that it’s been over a week, the streets are already talking. Here’s what I think Miss Minaj must do to have a fighting chance in this war:

1.       The rebuttal must be nothing short of 8 minutes. Since her team has had ample amount of time to produce a response, she can’t come half-assed. Remy ripped her a new one in 7 minutes with no hook and zero redundancy. If I see the length is anything less than 8 minutes, then I’m not even interested in hearing it. You couldn’t possibly address the darts that were thrown at you in anything less than that time.

2.       The diss needs to come in a major way. And I mean, HUGE. I’m talking prime-time live t.v. moment ish. And it doesn’t need to be subliminal. We, the people, need to know unequivocally, who you are talking about. SAY HER NAME. Because Ms. Ma held nothing back while addressing Nicki Nicki. Not only did she use the star’s name, but also her likeness on the cover of the album. She addressed Nicki, her money and her family- referencing the allegations that Minaj’s brother had with a sexual assault charge involving a minor.

3.       RESPOND. Ordinarily, they say that no response is a response. And in any other scenario, that notion would be wise. But this, is no ordinary situation. These are the moments that hip-hop are made of. For Nicki not to produce a record addressing the diss, doesn’t make her seem “above” the pettiness of it all, it actually makes us think that she knows she can’t deliver the goods of this game. It’s all fine when you’re tossing clever catch phrases and nifty one-liners, but to be the best, you have to go against the best. And until now, Nicki Minaj hasn’t been challenged in this industry. Facts. Judge for yourself.

No matter whose team you’re on, the facts can be denied. Remy Ma went for Nicki’s jugular and bodied her. Facts. Don’t take my word for it, though. If you have not already heard, then take a listen for yourself. The lyrical assassination is below.

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