Unfinished Business

It had been months since we’d last spoken. And while I can’t say that didn’t expect to hear from him at some point, I didn’t expect it would come so….soon into the New Year.

But, I mean, we didn’t exactly leave off on bad terms or anything the last time. And this time, it wasn’t even me making a conscious decision to go into the New Year not speaking to him, ironically enough, it just kinda happened. But it was almost poetic, that way. It had just so happened that one day, while trolling the Gram, I stumbled upon a suspicious comment from some random who was desperately trying to make her presence known on his page, and I took the bait. And it just so happened that this particular day was New Year’s Eve when I decided that was just the straw that broke the camel’s back.

I didn’t want an explanation, this time. I didn’t even care. The month before, it seemed as if I’d woken up one day, literally, and realized that I was in love with Aiden. After all I’d put him through. After I’d broken his trust by going back to Mr. Big, emotionally speaking. I woke up and realized what I had in the man that Aiden is. And this time, I vowed that if I was going to give this a fair chance, then I’d have to let Mr. Big go. And that’s what it was.

So imagine my surprise to wake up on Sunday morning to a DM message from this chick! Telling me how she knows who I am and where I live, even how she reads my blog (& thanks by the way, I get paid per click). She goes on to claim that she’s been in a relationship with him for over a year, although the pics that she posted, she had to immediately take down. And they were clearly pics that he wasn’t even aware that he was in, you know the kind they take of you while you’re asleep. Or the blurry ones where you’d only know who it is if you deal with that person. Yeah. But seeing as how she wasn’t authorized to distribute his likeness, she quickly took them down before anyone else could see them.

LilMamaMemeIt’s funny that while she was trying so hard to keep him away from me, she practically pushed him back into my life. Here I am, happy, going along with my life until he called me after her she pulled that stunt. And from that point, we were back on. He told me all about how crazy she was and how he was getting a restraining order on the “stalker”. I didn’t believe him for a second, but it was comical and I appreciated what seemed to be at the time, a sincere apology.

What she fails to realize is that Big and I have our ups and downs. We can go months without speaking and pick back up like nothing ever happened. Whether she accepts it or not, she’s in my shadow even when I’m not around. Because before we were ever lovers, we were friends first. And at the end of the day, you can’t compete with a woman that a man can’t leave alone.





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