Worse than a Breakup

Imagine going through the most devastating time of your life, whether it’s the worst breakup you’ve experienced, maybe a divorce or loss of someone you love…whatever it may be. Then imagine God commanding everyone in the world to literally drop all their problems on the ground. He counts down from 3-2-1 and declares, “Everyone pick up your problems.” You scramble through sickness and disease, stage 4 cancer, the death of a child, homelessness, a lost limb… and your problems are nowhere to be found because someone was happy to take on your problems rather than their own.

This was a joke I heard told by Mike Epps. Let this serve as a reminder that instead of focusing on what’s wrong, we should be grateful what’s right. The things we worry with, as hard as it may for us at the time, could ALWAYS be worse… This is the day that the Lord made, REJOICE… -Psalms 118:24

The Real Black Carrie Bradshaw

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