The Best Place to Cry

You ever been through a really bad break up and find yourself crying in some of the strangest places? For me, it’s in the car & it usually starts either because of a song on the radio or because I’m driving in absolute silence & alone with my thoughts.

I kinda use my car as a place of refuge. Typically after a long day of work I get in my car and I don’t wanna hear anything. My commute home is typically a time that I use to decompress from my day. Then once I’m home that’s my place of solitude & because I like a certain aura in my home, I cry in my car.

Crying in my car serves one major benefit for me. It gives me a time limit. See, if I go home & cry, then I’ll cry all night, soiling my pillows & reminding myself for the rest of the evening how sad I am. But if I cry in the car then I understand that there’s only so many tears that I can cry. For me it symbolizes that I’m allowing myself to cry… but not forever. It’s a balance between honoring what I feel but choosing not to remain there.

This is just my process and it may not work for everyone. I’m curious to know your thoughts.

After a break up where is the best place to cry?

3 thoughts on “The Best Place to Cry

  1. Whew! I prefer most to cry in bed, but like you I find myself crying in the car too if I’m alone or let my thoughts wonder. You know when I really find myself crying though? Like during a bible service or when someone is talking about something spiritual I always find myself crying!!!!


    1. Interesting. I feel like if I cry in bed, then it will never end and I will absolutely wake up with bags under my eyes. But if I cry in my car, it’s like, I have a time limit before I have to get myself together & go in the house. Like you, if I’m really going through, I will wait until Sunday to cry at church and kind of…put it all on the alter.

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