Birthday Depression: Why Some People Get Depressed On or Around Their Birthdays

November really is one of my favorite months, but it hasn’t always been this way. Despite November being my birth month, this time of year used to get me in a funk. It was around this time a few years back that I used to get the blues, terribly. It’s called birthday depression and this syndrome may help explain why some people get sad or depressed around their birthday. I’m sure there’s legit science behind this but I have a few theories of my own, like not having anything to look forward to, aside from fall fashion, nothing to really get excited about.

Birthday depression, or the birthday blues, refers to feeling sad, apathetic, or disinterested in celebrating or thinking about your birthday and is not associated with mental health disorders, according to one expert. 

For one, the days are shorter and you have, literally, more darkness in your life than there is light & I’m pretty sure it’s like a scientific fact somewhere that proves this can negatively impact your mental health. Secondly, I hate cold temperatures. I’m one of those people who enjoys layering for aesthetic purposes rather than out of necessity. And while I love all the festivities of the holiday season, sometimes it could cause me more anxiety when thinking of having to attend an office party single while having to pretend to be excited about meeting all my coworkers’ partners. And then there’s the actual spending of time with family, which on one hand I enjoy (in small doses, just like any other sane adult), but again, can induce anxiety/depressive mode for me. And finally, it’s the overall feeling of seeing another year go by as the days become shorter and shorter and kids grow up even faster than we ever did and you feel like what I have really accomplished…?

Yes, this time of year used to get me down in the dumps but I’m thankful to God, the universe, and my ancestors for sparking a change in me to celebrate every day that I wake up as a day to live. So when ya’ll see me happy, just love the post for me…

On a serious note, if you think you may be suffering from birthday depression, general depression, or anxiety, please seek professional help because this may be linked to a mental health condition and resources are available.



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