Birthday Depression: Why Some People Get Depressed On or Around Their Birthdays

The Real Black Carrie Bradshaw

November really is one of my favorite months, but it hasn’t always been this way. Despite November being my birth month, this time of year used to get me in a funk. It was around this time a few years back that I used to get the blues, terribly. It’s called birthday depression and this syndrome may help explain why some people get sad or depressed around their birthday. I’m sure there’s legit science behind this but I have a few theories of my own, like not having anything to look forward to, aside from fall fashion, nothing to really get excited about.

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Happy Freakin’ New Year


I honestly didn’t expect it to happen this year. But on the eve of New Year’s Eve as I drove home, on a cold, rainy night no less, I felt the pressure rising up in my chest. To be honest, I felt it early Saturday morning when I woke up in a beautiful suite that overlooked my city, all alone. Continue reading “Happy Freakin’ New Year”