50 Ways to Show Love to Your Partner

When it comes to love, there are all sorts of ways to show your special someone how much they mean to you. Sometimes it’s the little things that matter most, while other times it’s the grand gestures that make the biggest impact. No matter what form it takes, expressing your love is always a good idea.

If you’re looking for ideas on how to showcase your affection, here are 50 great ways to do just that. From simple acts of kindness to grand romantic gestures, these ideas should help you get started. So get out there and start showing your partner some love!

Try these ideas:

  • Plan a romantic, surprise date
  • Make them laugh
  • Take a walk together holding hands 
  • Give your partner a framed photo of the two of you
  • Light candles 
  • Write the lyrics to your fav love song and give it to them 
  • Let them pick the movie 
  • Bring home dinner their favorite dinner 
  • Prepare a great breakfast on the weekend 
  • Make a handmade gift for them, straight from the heart
  • Take a break together: add something fun to a chore-filled day 
  • Surprise them with a DoorDash lunch at work
  • Offer to help them pack for a business trip
  • Give them a long hug 
  • Send a hand-written a love letter 
  • Write a sweet message on the mirror in lipstick
  • Complete a project for them that they’ve been dreading
  • Cuddle up, let go of your worries, and just spend some time together 
  • Plan (or hire someone to create) a luxury picnic
  • When they’re extra busy, ask how you can help 
  • Volunteer to run errands for them 
  • Give them a day off from their normal house tasks 
  • Suggest your partner spend a few hours with their friends 
  • Bring home a copy of that new novel they want to read 
  • Order a food subscription box (HelloFresh) & cook dinner together
  • Slip a love note in their work bag or briefcase
  • Watch the sunrise together 
  • Listen. Always have an open ear to your partner.
  • Send a quick text message to say “I’m thinking of you” 
  • Go dancing
  • Ask them if they really know how much you love them 
  • Hang out with mutual friends 
  • Steal a kiss when they’re not expecting it
  • Book a staycation for the weekend at a local hotel
  • Buy them a simple gift, just because
  • Tell them how much you appreciate them
  • Take a romantic trip
  • Flirt like you did when you first met
  • Pick up their favorite coffee on your way home
  • Show your partner you trust them 
  • Get their car detailed
  • Be able to give them space when they want to be alone
  • Leave a “I love you so much” post-it note where they’ll find it
  • Ask what they would like to do this weekend  
  • Cook some chicken soup when they’re sick
  • Accompany them to their doctor’s appointment 
  • Give a sincere compliment
  • Fill their gas tank for the week
  • Be a shoulder to cry on. Be there when they need you the most.
  • Forgive quickly and move on

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