Vacationships. The NEW Relationship Goals?

What if you had a companion to travel with a few times a year, enjoy each other’s company, and maybe even some good vacation sex with no strings attached? Would you do it?

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Understanding Why People Lie

I would be lying if I said I’d been honest my entire life.

“Yea, let me know what time and I’ll see if I can make it,” sounds better than saying, “Yeah, I don’t think I want to attend.” Saying, “Sorry for texting you back so late, but I’ve been super busy,” is much more polite than the truth of the matter which may be, “Sorry for avoiding you, but I really didn’t feel like talking.” Truth be told, the intentions behind an infraction are not always ill-fated. Believe it or not, experts say the reasons why people lie range from compassion to compulsion and understanding the reasons people lie is just as important as knowing how to spot a liar.

Everybody lies, at one point or another, so this doesn’t necessarily make someone a “bad” person. In fact, there could be a “good” reason the person you love is withholding the truth. If you’re curious as to whether you are being lied to, check out my post here, but for now, I’ll share 9 common motives for lying. I’ll begin with the most obvious one.

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Are You Happy Being Single?

As the world slowly reopens, no one knows exactly how the summer will play out in terms of romance. Will it indeed be a hot girl summer? Or will you be playing for the home team with the latest technology that adult novelty items has to offer? Believe it or not, health officials fear a spike in, not only COVID cases come winter, but also STI and STDs due to the vaxxed, waxed and ready to climax memes that are trending on social media. But that’s a whole other blog that I won’t even get into right now.

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Can Anxious and Avoidant Relationships Work?

The relationship duet is the dance of intimacy that couples do. One partner moves in, the other backs up. Partners may reverse roles, but always maintain a certain space between them. 

The dance is a draining, yet familiar one for all involved. But why do these couples even attract in the first place? What can you do when your avoidant partner pulls away? And can partners with such drastic attachment styles really work? The short answer is yes. But the secret of how these couples maintain is a bit more complex.

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How to Make Him Fall in Love & Keep Him There

I’ve heard the phrase “high quality man” being used by dating coaches like Kevin Samuels recently and while I’m not necessarily a fan of his delivery most times, I agree with the concept, to some degree. So what do these “high quality” men look for? And what can you do, as a woman, to attract him and keep him interested?

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7 Signs You’re in a Dead-End Relationship

I truly believe that one of bravest things a person can do is have the courage to admit when they’re in a bad situation, especially a relationship like a marriage. But even for those who haven’t taken wedding vows, sometimes we’re just as committed to the relationship and the person we love.

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15 Things I’d rather do than go back to my ex

While a lot of our exes are great people who deserve nothing but the best, the majority of us probably have at least one relationship we totally regret. I wouldn’t say I’d rather do anything than date my ex again, but I would take my chances with Coronavirus before going back to his toxic ass. And that’s just a start. Here are 15 things I much rather do than ever take him back again.

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What Does Your Arguing Style Say About Your Relationship?

According to researchers studying marriage and romantic relationships, the way a couple argues can tell a lot about the future of their relationship. In fact, researchers studying married couples at the University of Washington were able to predict with 91% accuracy whether a couple would stay together or divorce, primarily by analyzing the couple’s communication patterns during a disagreement.

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