The Problem with On-Again Off-Again Relationships

Break up to make up, that’s all we do. First you love me then you hate me that’s a game for fools – The Stylistics

The real problem with on-again off-again relationships is…they don’t work. And I’ll tell you 5 reasons why.

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God Said “Get a Divorce”

I used to always say that I never wanted to get a divorce. I considered that a personal fail in both my love & spiritual life ( although, mind you, I’ve never been married before).

I remember growing up, as a child who’s parents were going through divorce, the discord within our home. I remember the transitions that resulted from my parents separation. And not to fault them, but I vowed that would never be me.

Even as an adult, I held love to such a high esteem that I never considered divorce an option for me. That’s not what I’d want & that’s surely not what God would want.

The older I get, the more I realize how complex life & love can sometimes be. Sometimes, we end up in the wrong relationship for the right reasons. While I had considered all the reasons why not to get a divorce, I never considered the main reason why I would.

Any other time I’ve been in a bad “situation” & prayed about it, God told me to change it. And He gave me clarity on how to change it.

More than anything, I believe that God wants me to be happy. And that may require an undoing of something that He never intended for me in the first place. Besides that, I can think of far worse things in life than getting a divorce. One of them is staying in a relationship that makes you miserable.