Vacationships. The NEW Relationship Goals?

What if you had a companion to travel with a few times a year, enjoy each other’s company, and maybe even some good vacation sex with no strings attached? Would you do it?

Vacationships. Is that the same thing is a baecation? No. What about a situationship? What the hell is the meaning of a vacationship, in the first place?

Baecations are for “bae” or someone you’re dating, I assume exclusively and are in a committed relationship with. A situation is where you start out talking to someone, in hopes that it will lead to a relationship but it usually goes left and you end up in relationship purgatory not really defining what you are and just casually having sex. Vacationships, on the other hand, come with perks. Think of it as a companionship agreement, only meeting up on the road or an agreed upon vacation destination but not really communicating on a regular basis, otherwise. Kinda similar to this funny meme I posted on Facebook, but I was kinda serious, tho…

I actually had this idea last December after watching the Netflix film, Holidate — I insist that you read that post or watch the movie & then this will make more sense. The premise was kind of like your typical Rom-Com where a single-something solicits a partner to accompany them to a family function and they end up falling for each other. But minus the holidays and add in some sun in the fun, I wonder what this would look like – in real life, and um…where do I sign up. [Note to self: Update Sugar Baby dating profile]

Seriously, though.

For someone who isn’t in the market for a commitment right now, this might not be a bad idea. And even for those who are in the market, you never know what could happen, although, there is the real-life potential risk of catching feelings, which depending on which side of aisle you’re on could be good or bad.

It’s the whole Bachelor in Paradise fantasy of it all. First of all, most things in small doses are ideal & I can’t imagine an arrangement of this sort would be any different. The illusion of this set up is that if you only see someone a few times a year, on an island, no less, where seafood, sunshine, and cocktails are in abundance, you can afford to be a different person. I mean, in this setting, you won’t likely see “the real” person, if you know what I mean. You won’t see the panicked, stressed, or intense personality that they may have. And you shouldn’t, while on vacation.

So while this seems like a really good idea in theory, I can’t help but wonder about the risks of falling for someone that you don’t really know. It’s almost a setup for failure, two consenting adults enjoying each other’s company with the expectation that they won’t fall in love, all while living life with a picturesque background of white sands and blue waters. Of course, there is the potential that, like entanglements of a different source (relationships that emerge from summer flings or cuffing season), a quote, unquote, REAL relationship could bloom. But ultimately, wouldn’t that take away from the allure of the original agreement? Could it possibly even ruin the vacationship & potential friendship going forward?

I’m sure there are people who do this in real-life, but I imagine these people have some serious commitment issues or serious constraints for getting emotionally involved. Still, it’s definitely something to consider as the summer approaches.

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