So many thoughts running through my mind.

Writing is the only thing that’s keeping me alive. 

Because waiting on you is dying a slow, miserable death. 

Suffocated by stuff we created|Love imitated by lust

Fears outside my body|Solely naked

Hiding behind only the lies I told myself for why you haven’t called. 

Never fall for a poet. 


I bared it all to you

Stripped myself down to only my vulnerability

Trusting the sweetness that came from your lips

I gave you all of me and you still went in search of more

I opened up myself for you to explore


I wrote a thousand lines for you

Tried to make you my love song

But you’re not my love story

You’re the lyric to an escapable melody

I can tell you how many minutes went by that I said your name

It was 10,080

I only stopped counting after the last time you disappeared



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