Still Waiting for Him to Call

Even if he calls you right now, that still doesn’t explain why he hasn’t called you in the 5 days before today. You have to ask yourself, what kept him? What had his attention so much that he couldn’t call, text or even hit reply to you in 5 whole days?

If he can disregard you that easily, then his feelings for you aren’t strong enough and chances are, you’ll be in this same situation in another few weeks time if you continue on with him… I’m speaking from experience. Don’t listen to your heart. Listen to your head. Be smart this time. If you’ve not invested that much time into him (or even if you have) don’t waste another month of your time and allow yourself to fall any deeper for him that you already have. Get out while you can. It’s much easier after a couple months of dealing with someone rather than a couple years….You know what you need to do. So just do it.



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