How COVID-19 Has Impacted My Life

I knew around the end of December 2019, that the year 2020 had something in store for me.

I’ve never been that person who professed “2015 is going to be my year”. Not in 2016, 17 or 18, but for some reason, God began showing me not just visions, but plans…actions that I needed to take to make those visions a reality. And I was thrilled, of course. That is, until I had to actually do the work.

From the end of December until around March of this year, I was crushing goals, knocking them out the park. The first of this year, BOOM – I hit 10K followers on my Facebook page. In February, I launched my first online course for bloggers (pre-COVID, mind you. God had already revealed to me that virtual business would be a huge source of income for me.) In March, I self-published my very first book, Ghosts of Love Lives Past & made way more money than I imagined in the first 2 months of sales. Then Covid-19 hit. And while that could have derailed my plans for growing my business, it pushed me to think outside the box, to get more creative and it gave me time to reassess my goals. Meanwhile, I sucessfully defended my thesis and earned my Master’s degree in May, started working simultaneously on two new books, a product line & an all-new online course for people struggling to get past a breakup they’ve endured (#ComingSoon). And even though my graduation trip to Paris has been pushed back until 2021, I’ve had enough going on right here at home to keep me busy. So much so that I can literally see myself quitting my day job to pursue my blogging business FULL-TIME in the near future.

If I’m completely honest, COVID-19 has been a blessing to me & my family. None of us have been negatively impacted by sickness, job loss or setbacks. If anything, between the stimulus check and unexpected financial blessings from my blogging business, COVID has been a bit of a come up for me & mine and I’m excited to continue on this path.

Let me know your thoughts. How has COVID-19 postively affected you?

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