Date Night Outfits for Every Occasion – Black Girl Edition

Do you have plans to go out with someone special but have no idea what to wear?

Whether you need something to wear for a night out on the town or other special occasion, your search ends here. If you need some style inspiration for a night out with your lover, we’ve got you covered.

Make his head turn in THIGH HIGH BOOTS, short shorts and a peekaboo top
Birthday fit
Birthday dinner.
I found THESE METALLIC FUSCHIA BOOTS for less than $70
Accompanying him to a business deal or work event
Wine tasting
Saturday errands

Family function or weekend fun outfit ideas

Meeting the parents
Baecation vibes
Sporting event
A night of dancing


First Date

Thursday started out like any other day. I didn’t have a plan in sight. Then all of a sudden, Operation 30 dates in 30 days goes into full swing. #TrueStory

15 Ways to Become More DATEable

Online dating is easy, but it could be awkward at times, not to mention potentially dangerous when you factor in the creeps and weirdos that lurk behind screen names. Anyone can sound poised typing on a keyboard, but it can be quite different when it comes to striking up a conversation at the coffee shop…


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