Created to Create

Consider this.

If were created in the image of The Great Creator then this must also mean that we were given a creative ability such as He. Many people refer to this as talent, but I believe it’s more similar to passion. I’ve found to be true in my personal life that a great source of depression for me exists when I’m not operating in my creative abilities. What about you? 

What are you passionate about? What is the thing that you always seem to gravitate to? What comes natural to you? Maybe you’re a great cook or really good with numbers. Maybe you do hair or just have a knack for making people feel good. Whatever it is, and it can be as simple or as complex as you can imagine, I believe we all have gifts. And operating in those gifts is the “purpose”. 

Many of us may never end up on a grand stage for our abilities, but to live a life according to your true purpose should be the reward. 

Your talent is God’s gift to you. What you do with it is your gift back to God.

-Leo Buscaglia

Rest in Love

This is why I post about Love all the time, because it is a Gift. You never know how long you have with the ones you love so its important to treasure every moment because it could be your last. My prayers are with his wife & surviving daughters, as well as the families of the others onboard (player, parent & pilot).

Death has a way of putting Life in perspective. Death doesn’t care who you are. Death doesn’t care how old (or young) you are. Death doesn’t care how much money you have, your status or your stats.

Growing Up Dark-Skinned

I’ll take “You’re as beautiful on the INSIDE as you are on the outside” any day over “You’re so pretty”.

Being pretty is nice, but for me, the greatest compliments come from people who speak to my character. My mama always taught me that it’s what’s INSIDE that matters anyway.

Growing up, compared to my sisters, I was considered “dark-skinned” & I think I had somewhat of a complex about it. Not in the beginning, because I didn’t notice this from within my family, but it was from outsiders, strangers, that I noticed a difference. I’ll never forget one day being at a store called Holidays in Jefferson Square (in my hometown) just me & my sisters, I had to have been around…14 & my older sister introduced us to a friend of hers. “That’s your baby sister, I can tell, ya’ll are twins. She’s so pretty”. I don’t even think she looked at me. It was like I was invisible.

For years, I tried overcompensating my abilities & my character because I knew that if I was a good person then people would have something nice to say about me. Or, I thought so, anyways.

My mother says this phrase to me often, “DeJ, you’re as beautiful on the INSIDE as you are on the outside.” And I love that because she knows me better than anyone. But sometimes I feel like she kinda has to say that because she’s my mom, lol, right? So when someone else says it, a perfect stranger, it makes it that much more special. And that’s the ultimate compliment.

12 Days of Manifestion

Dandelions in meadow during sunset.

I told you all in my last post how I felt about New Year’s resolutions. With the clock counting down, I had this epiphany today that instead of making resolutions, I wanted to practice mindfulness. Again, because the pressure of New Year’s seems too heavy for me, I came up with this idea, literally today, of The 12 days of Manifestation. It’s kinda like the 12 days of Christmas, only…well, you get the idea.

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Texting Your Ex?

I know how it is, trying to decide whether or not to reach out to an ex. On one hand, you want to get the shit off your chest. At the same time, you just want to cut him off with no explanation because you feel like, “He knows what he’s been doing” or “He already knows why I’m upset.”

But what if he doesn’t?

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What You Really Want is a Commitment

I know a lot of women who “deal with” men but are not in committed relationships. In fact, I’ve been that woman, many times. It may serve women who desire a commitment from a man to understand that the degree of the relationship won’t change simply because he gives you a title, anymore than it would if you were to have his baby. If he’s not ready to commit, then it won’t profit you to try & convince him of why you deserve a commitment.

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