Good Girls Finish Last

You ever been in a relationship or “deal with” somebody for so long that it’s like you try to make them see how good of a person you are?

That’s the case for most toxic relationships. You know you’re worth more than what you’re being given, yet, you continue to go along (sometimes above & beyond) to prove your worth. BE HONEST.

We’ve all stayed in an unhealthy relationship for a little too long, knowing what we were dealing with, but hoping that something would change. Hoping that if we remained LOYAL, FAITHFUL & PATIENT with a person who never extended those qualities to us, then maybe, they would change. Can I tell you a secret?

They’re not going to change. And if they do, it’ll only be after you’ve lost feelings (& hope) that they will. The thing is, when YOU know who YOU are, then YOU shouldn’t have to “prove” that to anyone else. When people recognize your worth, they don’t need to be convinced.

In her new single, W.A.P. , rapper Cardi B claims that she didn’t get her ring by being a “good girl”.

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