21 Things to STOP in 2021

With 2020 coming to a close (Alexa, play Bye, Bye, Bye by N’Sync), I’m sure there are a few things we’d all like to forget about this year. From vaccines to quarantines to the annoying antics on social sites, I created a list of social behaviors that I’d like to see end along with Coronavirus. Check out my list of 21 things to STOP doing in 2021.

  1. Stop subliminally beefing on social media. We wanna know who you talking about. As a matter of fact, stop beefing with people you don’t know on social media altogether. Pick your battles, wisely.
  2. Stop sliding in my inbox for something you couldn’t left in the comments section. I can’t stand when MFs text me or jump in my DMs responding to something I posted like…

3. Stop asking your friends & family members to discount their services, especially if you’ve never supported them. If you know them in real life, then you should know how serious they take their business. You should also know their rates. 

4. Stop expecting people to love & support you the way you want them to. You should also stop giving them access to you.

5. Stop posting the same thank you message the day after your birthday on social media like, “Thanks for all the calls, texts, DMs, cash apps and gifts. Y’all sure do know how to make a girl feel special. Chapter 21

  1. Stop giving out identifying information on these FB challenges. #FirstBornChallenge
  2. Stop comparing yourself to others. It’s easy to get distracted by what appears to be someone else’s successful business, relationship, promotion, vacation, weight loss, ect., especially when it’s an edited snapshot of what a person wants you to see. Focus on how you can improve yourself rather than trying to figure out how someone else got to where they are. That’s their journey. Trust & know that with consistency and in due time, yours is coming, too.
  3. Stop claiming what you’re going to do in 2021, produce the receipts once you’re done.
  4. Stop posting acting like y’all surprised when y’all get pregnant, knowing good and well y’all was doing what it takes to get pregnant with no condoms or birth control.
  1. Stop announcing that you’re taking a break from social media & then don’t ever leave (lurking, still looking from dummy pages).
  1. Stop proclaiming yourself as a public figure. We, the public, don’t even know who some of y’all are.
  2. Stop asking for prayers saying “Don’t ask me what’s wrong, just prayers, please”. First of all, what we praying for…? Please also stop telling folks you’re “Sending prayers” when you know you ain’t bit more prayed for them.
  3. Stop seeking approval of anyone when it comes to what makes you happy, who you love, where you want to live, the work you choose to do. If you decide to quit your “good” job to go full-time on your business, the only person whose approval matters is yours.
  4. Please stop jumping on LIVE playing music and turning your face from side to side because you thought you were cute that day. I be embarrassed for some of y’all .
  5. Stop hoeing in y’all stories. That’s what OnlyFans are for.
  1. Stop announcing what you don’t/won’t accept from a person in the new year. Learn how to cut MFs off in silence. 
  2. Stop looking to social media for validation. There’s no amount of likes that can substitute for self-worth.
  3. Stop giving certain people access to you. This includes but is not limited to, toxic lovers, friends, family, people who drain your energy, hold you back, make you unsure of things you were once certain of and those who repeatedly disappoint you. Please also steer clear of people who never take accountability, those who are overly critical and those who waste your time and never seem to have time for you.
  4. Stop apologizing to make someone else feel better about themselves but don’t ever apologize for your feelings. I believe the way the people say this is, “Don’t dim your light to make someone else comfortable.” 
  5. Stop saying ‘yes’ if the answer is really ‘no’. It’s a waste of time. So if you don’t want to give that person your phone number, then don’t. If you really need to decline an invitation, then respectfully do so. The moral of the story here is to learn how to communicate.
  6. Stop making excuses. 2020 gave us all some down time so there’s not many of us who can use time as an excuse going into the new year. The way 2020 went for most of us should be all the more reason to go harder in the new year.

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