Last Words to My Ex

And yes, I actually sent this to him, LOL. Verbatim.

I told you I know a lot of shit that I choose not to speak on. This is just one of them. 

Ordinarily, I would write you a letter, trying to be poetic & shit but this time, I chose to write you because I honestly would probably lose my shit if you were to be near me right now. 

Even now, I’m trying not to be mad at you. And I’m not mad. I’m hurt. They look alike but they’re two different things. I hope you understand that what I’m saying is coming from a place of hurt, not anger. I feel like it’s not even your fault, anyway. You showed me who you were. It was my fault for believing in you…trying to see the good in you. 

I knew you were lying the first time I asked you about this chick. The one who page you stay on! The same chick who left a love letter for you in my car!! You showed up for her but I couldn’t get a text message on my birthday. You showed up for her but you didn’t show up for me when I totaled out my damn car! You showed up for her, in front of her family & friends, but you didn’t even show up when I lost my baby. Our baby. 

How do you think that makes me feel? Oh, I forgot. UDGAF! If you did you would tell her to take the shit down but you won’t bc you don’t want to hurt her feelings. Meanwhile, you don’t have a problem hurting mine.  

I questioned God for a minute when I was going through all that, but now I understand that He allowed it because He already knew the bullshit I would have gone through with you. And I guess He figured I had been through enough. 

I hope she’s worth it because this right here has earned you the right to never say shit to me again. 

If it wasn’t her then it would’ve been the next bitch… and another bitch after that so… now you don’t have to choose between me & these other bitches. You can have them all. But you CAN’T. HAVE. ME. Not as a friend. Not even as a memory. 

Please delete my number from your phone. If you have any pictures, delete those, too. Matter of fact, delete me completely from your mind. I don’t want to exist to you anymore. I don’t even want to be someone you used to know. 

I’ve never said this to you before, but I’m saying it now. And I don’t really care what you think about me after this…from the bottom of my heart, to the depths of my soul, fuck you. I am done.


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