Did Michael Strahan Close His Gap? (& Why I NEVER Will)

Michael Strahan at Good Morning America in New York . Credit: RW/MediaPunch /IPX

Just why?!?!? I mean, is this just an April Fool’s joke or real life? I mean..I get it though.

I really like Michael Strahan but I was shocked to hear that he had closed the gap in his teeth as first reported by TMZ. You would think after at least thirty years of living, one would be comfortable with the way God created them. And with the success that the former pro football player turned news correspondent for Good Morning America has had, I can’t help but wonder, why now? Although some sources have alluded that this is all part of an April Fool’s Day prank…

Of course, I can only imagine the pressure of perfection that comes with someone who is as public of a figure as he is, but after all this time, I can’t help but wonder, why now?

As a woman who was born with a gap-tooth smile, I’ve considered “fixing” my smile, too. But I could never go through with it. I always felt like I wanted a temporary solution rather than something permanent in case I changed my mind. Aside from the price tag that comes with such smile makeovers, I couldn’t help but feel like I was caving into the idea that if I needed to “fix” it then that meant something was wrong with me. And I just couldn’t get behind that.

I was born missing my lateral incisors (the teeth that sit next to the front teeth) on each side and was told by an orthodontist at an early age that even with braces, my teeth would simply spread back out over time. The only options for me were to have my top teeth removed in order to have partial or full dentures. At that time, I was about ten years old, veneers didn’t exist. And even when I considered it again in my early twenties, I was leery of looking like Steve Harvey or every other celebrity who had obviously gotten them done.

As a blogger who often reviews beauty products, I’ve had companies such as Grinigh tooth whitening and others reach out to me about their products. I even reached out to one company, My Secret Veneers, to partner with them, hoping to have a temporary option for photo shoots and other media appearances. One of my main reasons for wanting veneers was to be my “most perfect self” on my wedding day. In my mind, I always envisioned that day as one you would remember for the rest of your life. And over time, I realized that, my “perfect” self is my authentic self. I want to be clear that I’m not opposed to anyone doing what they think will make them feel better about themselves, whether it’s adding hair extensions, butt injections or enhancing their smile. To me, it’s the same difference as someone who decides to lose weight and puts in the work to make themselves look and feel better. The process may be different, but the end result is the same. And I can get behind that. Ultimately for me, when I think of looking back at pictures of my wedding day (if that day ever comes) I want to the woman that I’ve grown to love and accept for all these years.

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  1. Yess!! Its interesting because often times, the things that we grow tired of loving and want to change physically, are often things that others when they look at us, might feel are characteristic to us or make us more beautiful. Or have come to love. When I look at Michael I’ve always thought he was super good looking, and the gap is just a part of that. But I totally understand the vibe of just wanting a change, not necessarily hating yourself but just wanting to have a chance to feel what life feels like as close to “perfect” before you do. I do fear however the irreversible nature of some changes. He looks good though!

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