Derrick Jaxn Apologizes for Cheating on His Wife

You Tube star and relationship coach, Derrick Jaxn made headlines this week for claims of infidelity to his wife of four years, Da’Naia. In a post made to the star’s Instagram account on Monday, Jaxn admits to allegations “as serious as sex, sexual flirtation, meeting up and that type of thing”.

For those unfamiliar with the name, Derrick Jaxn bursted onto the scene circa 2012 in a series of popular YouTube videos where he gave relationship advice from his car. He has gone on to build an empire in the dating arena with merchandise from books like A Cheating Man’s Heart to card games, Mentally Stimulate Me (MSM).

To quickly bring you up to speed, Jaxn’s alleged mistress, Candice De Medieros granted an exclusive interview to blogger Tasha K earlier this week and the receipts did not disappoint. You can listen to the full audio clip here via Tasha’s YouTube page and see photos of the outed guru leaving his lover’s bedside via Sister2Sister.

With the circus surrounding this whole scandal, I found the timing of the author’s latest book, Healing Together, particularly eyebrow-raising. And apparently, I wasn’t the only one. In true fashion, Tha Innanet went in like none other on the self-proclaimed “Self-Love Ambassador”.

And the hits just keep coming in the comments on his social feed.

With the mention of his latest literary work, I couldn’t help but wonder about what these allegations would mean for his business. After all, Jaxn has made quite the name for himself as a relational coach and spokesperson between his following of over 700K on YouTube and 1.3M on Instagram.

Of course, the intimacy influencer wouldn’t be the first man to fall from grace due to infidelity. Just last year, Hillsong Church pastor and spiritual advisor to the stars, Carl Lentz was outed for a cheating scandal, as well. As for now, it’s unclear on what the repercussions for Derrick Jaxn will be. Perhaps, he’ll pivot from the whole relationship advice and shift into more introspection and healing as he works to rebuild his marriage and career. Perhaps he’ll be cancelled altogether. Or maybe, just maybe, he’ll be forgiven in the court of public opinion.

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4 thoughts on “Derrick Jaxn Apologizes for Cheating on His Wife

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  2. This whole thing curdled my stomach!!! Like men cheat all the time it’s true but for someone whose whole brand revolves around advising women on how not to have a cheating husband and saying black men don’t cheat — to be cheating like crazy! To be giving someone advice that you haven’t even proven true? Huh???? I don’t understand how the two can coexist

    1. You know, honestly, I never really cared for Derrick Jaxn. As a relationship blogger, myself, something about him seemed disingenuine from the jump & I was kinda disappointed that more women couldn’t see this. Ever since I found out about his wife (girlfriend at the time) that he never showed off, claiming “privacy”…that was a red flag to me & according to HIM something a man who was proud of his woman would never do (keep you as his secret).

      1. Facts!!! Your intuition was right! If anything if he was being honest, he could serve as a testimony to all this advice he had! Smh

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