Here’s How to Get Clear on What You Want in LIFE & LOVE

A lot of people go through life without ever taking the time to figure out what they really want. They get swept up in the rat race and before they know it, they’re on autopilot. But if you want to live your best life, you have to get clear on exactly what that looks like to you.

Too often, people flounder through life without any real sense of direction. They don’t know what they want to achieve or contribute, and as a result, they end up feeling frustrated and unfulfilled. It’s often easier to articulate what we DON’T want than to pinpoint the things we actually do want. If you want to get the most out of life, it’s important to get clear on your heart’s desires so you can start working towards them. To do this, you should ask yourself three important questions:

The 3 BIG Questions

(1) What kind of an impact do I want to make on people’s lives?

(2) What do I want to contribute to other people?

(3) What are 3-5 specific goals I want in life?

Answering these questions will help you get a better sense of what you should be striving for. Once you know what you want, you can start taking steps to make it happen. Once you have a good understanding of what you want, you can begin taking steps to make it happen.

Remember, anything is possible if you are willing to work for it!

You can get everything you want in life if you’re clear about what you want.


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