5 Good Girl Outfits to Make a Great First Impression on Your Man’s Family

Meeting your partner’s family is a huge step in a relationship so it’s obviously that you want to look your best. At the same time, it can be nerve-racking trying to find something that sends the right message. And while you may be feeling anxious, the right outfit can help you feel as confident on the outside as you are on the inside.

You only get one chance to make a good first impression. Make it a good one.

Shop the look here
This one


In a Barbie World

Barbie is making a comeback. The Barbiecore craze has been heating up for the past few months, but per Beyonce, the Queen Bey was making a splash in Barbie hue since before you could even Google “What is Barbiecore?” Here are 10 times Beyonce gave us Black BarbieCore in real life!

50 Carrie Bradshaw Looks We Love

Whether you love (or love to hate) Carrie Bradshaw’s street style, one thing is for sure, she kept the streets talking. Here are 50 of our favorite Carrie Bradshaw outfits that made us fall in love β€” plus a sneak peek at a few looks from the new season of the Sex & the City…


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