Feeling Blue. I Ain’t Sad Tho

Style: Victoria High Waisted pants

Color: Royal

Size: DeJa is wearing a Large

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Chase The Bag. Never The Boy.

Always chase the bag. Never the boy.

Imma keep this short but let me start by saying that there’s nothing wrong with finding love, but you could wake up tomorrow and the person you love can love somebody else, but a $100 dollar bill will still be $100. Learn how to put your goals before your feelings. Chasing love will leave you broke and unfocused but getting money will always pay the bills.

Love this look? Check out the details on this Fashion Nova top below.

Style: Chase the bag

Color: Magenta

Size: DeJa is wearing a Large.

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Sunday Stroll

Here are a few looks of this Fashion Nova fit dressed up and down.

Style: Your Needs Met

Size: Large

Color: Olive

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