Solygamy. Yes, It’s A Thing.

So I actually just heard of this word for the first time and without even looking it up, I concluded that it was the opposite of polygamy, where people believe in marriage between more than one person, whereas solygamy is the belief in solo marriage, or marriage to one’s self.

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Maybe…You’re Your OWN Soulmate

For years, hopeless romantics have fawned over the fairytale of finding their soulmate. It’s the novice idea that there is, in fact, one person that is designed specifically for us to spend our lives with. I’ve written about this before, posing the question of more than one soulmate. And for good reason. 

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The Great Vagina Debate

Lori Harvey and Taylor Swift have been hot topics in the dating department.

It was brought to my attention with my last post, on why attractive people struggle more in relationships which alluded to fashion model Lori Harvey, that people seem to believe dating behaviors are characterized as more scandalous when referring to Black women rather than white women. 

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Becoming a Blogger

Photo credit: Laura Olsen, Unsplash

When I started blogging five years ago, there were no where near the number of opportunities there are now. It used to be that going to college was the way to establish a career and means of income, but with the surge of bloggers and influencers gaining popularity on Instagram and Tiktok, not to mention brand endorsements and cold hard cash, these non traditional paths are quickly becoming a preferred route for making a living.

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