#SideChicks Re-defined

A quick editorial note on #SideChicks.Quick post, okay.

So, the urbandictionary.com has defined the term side chick as “the other woman, the mistress, any female who is not a girlfriend or a wife who has relations with a man while he is in another relationship“.

I had a brother tell me (emphatically) that he didn’t have a side chick because he doesn’t have a girlfriend. So allow me to give it to you in TheRealBlackCarrieBradshaw terms, mk?

A side chick, in my not so professional opinion, is any chick who is not your girlfriend, wife or furthermore your priority, period. Regardless to if you have a girlfriend, (boyfriend), wife, significant other, or ect…, if she is not important enough for her to factor into your daily life, then she is a #SideChick. The same goes for #SideDudes, and yes, that’s a thing. A #SideChick  is pretty much any woman that comes secondary to anyone and anything in a man’s life (outside of his faith, mother, children/family), that includes his friends, his job, and yes, his hustle. Like any real man (or woman), you make time for what’s important to you. Anything else that causes you to be put to the side, indicates your #SideChick status.



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