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A recap of tonight’s episode of the critically-acclaimed ABC sitcom, black*ish tackles the issue of police brutality against unarmed Blacks and it was truly a must-see for all.So I vowed that tonight I would get some serious rest, in bed by 9:30 I told myself. And I was right on schedule @ around 8:00 as I was running my bath water, had finished baking my salmon and had my lunch packed for tomorrow when I saw a preview for tonight’s episode of the ABC comedy series,  ‘black*ish. I’ll admit, this sitcom took a minute to grow on me, despite the rave reviews it has garnered from some other critics. Tonight, however, I made it an intentional point to tune in.

In tonight’s episode, the family dealt with a serious issue that has been a sad yet reoccurring event in the news: police brutality against unarmed blacks. Sadly, this issue has become so common place that we’re almost accustomed to it. Whereas the reaction was once shock and disbelief, we’re now reduced to “smh” and continuing with our day. From the opening images that the show revealed, I was captivated by the way the creators illustrated how these images in the media form our opinions and peak our curiosity. Additionally, they reminded us of the reality in which our children can access this information and more, whether we like it or not.

I thought the show offered a nice balance between entertainment and information, as the youngest child (Jack) inserted comic relief that you would expect from an 8-year regarding “unarmed” suspects. I thought of my own nephews, ages 7,8,9 & 10, who will one day grow up to be black men and possibly face this reality.The family went on to show just how common these occurrences have become when they begin listing a string of incidents that have recently occurred while trying to determine which one is the most recent for which the verdict was about to be announced. And sadly, these were all actual incidents that have occurred within the last couple of years (Charleston, Cincy, New York & Chicago to name a few).

While each of the characters points’ of view struck a chord with me, I resonated most with Bow, played by Tracee Ellis Ross. She, like myself, was reluctant to reveal all of the harsh truths of the world we live in. Anyone that knows me will agree that I am an eternal optimist. Some may even argue that I view the world through rose-colored glasses. However, like Bow, I choose to believe in our judicial system, even when it seems that it disbelieves in us. And as unfortunate as it is, this is more aligned with the reality of African-Americans than the one I would like to see.

Perhaps the most pivotal moment in tonight’s installment came when Bow’s husband Dre, played by Anthony Anderson, recounted the Inauguration Day of President Barrack Obama in January 2009, flashing back to the day he and First Lady, Michelle Obama got out of the motorcade and walked the street. He described the joy that many African-Americans felt that day, along with a sense of pride. But just underneath the surface of our shallow hope, was fear. Personally, I watched, almost anticipating an attempt of assassination. And I don’t believe that I was alone.

As the show drew near the end, the family addressed a final issue that warrants not only discussion, but a call for action, as well. It’s easy to have an opinion, be it in the privacy of our homes, on social media or even in blog posts. Anyone and everyone can give their opinion on the issue. However, what we need now more than ever, is not just hope, but action. The Bible validates this point in James 2:20 that “faith without works is dead”. I challenge each person reading this to take action, in whatever form that may be. For me, I plan to be a more active & informed participant in my community. In order to be a participant, that would involve participating. I once read “Nobody can’t do everything, but any and everybody can do something” or something like that…or you get the point. Be vigilant. Be courageous.

“Be the change that you wish to see in the world” – Gandhi

If you can, I would encourage each person to get out and VOTE, early voting ends this Saturday, February 27, 2016.

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