The Spirit of Yes

I said yes. Will you?

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Since initiating the #iYes movement, many people have asked me what all the hoopla is about. And the answer is quite simple. The spirit of yes is simply the spirit of surrender. It’s having the ability and the willingness to say yes. While it started out as a one day challenge, I’ve actually began to gradually embrace the concept as a way of life. Make no mistake about it, I’m not going around seeking opportunities to be a “yes” girl. Nor am I overexerting (overwhelming) myself with unreasonable requests, in an effort to feel more flexible or kind or…whatever. What I am trying to achieve is a more selfless mindset. Not always does my willingness come in the form of a straightforward “yes”. But the point (for me) is not to automatically be “no”. During this process, I’ve realized that “no” is a comfort zone to me. No is much easier to give than yes. But at the same time, no feels very limiting to me. And sometimes selfish. My goal is to embody the spirit of yes, in hopes that the universe will offer the same back to me.

Join me in this movement. #iYes

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