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I’m a total list girl. I’m like the list queen. List for everything. For reals. Things just work better for me when I write them down….

Whether it’s a grocery list, a to-do list, my bucket list, a list of things that I want in a mate or even my trusty list of “Financial Obligations”, often jotted down on a sticky note or the back of an unopened piece of mail floating in my handbag. But whatever the method, writing works for me. It’s as if I set my goals, my ideas, priorities or deadlines down and once I’ve accomplished it, then I can check it off. I’ve done this with things on my bucket list and more commonly like my grocery list for years. Lol, it seems nowadays that I have a list for…well, almost everything. But hey, don’t judge me. Listing works for me. And maybe it can work for you, too.

On Life’s List

Now, on Sunday nights, I sit down and compile a list of “Weekly Goals”. These days, it seems as if I so much on my plate (and that’s an accomplishment, not a complaint) that I sometimes have to plan my days accordingly, although I must admit, I haven’t exactly found the right formula that incorporates both prayer and meditation, radio station (day job) and interviewing (night job), school and church, yoga and meal prep. And all while still finding time to write. I’m a work in progress. But for me, writing is organization. It gives me “a small sense of control in a world full of chaos” (not my words, it’s a line from Staci Dash’s character, Dionne, in the 90s classic, Clueless and uh, yeah, it is a classic).

On Finances

I wasn’t always the best with money. Growing up, my parents never taught me the value of saving or even budgeting, for that matter. For a long time, because I’d seen my parents spending habits, I mimicked them and their habits become models for my poor choices. While I’ve always been able to maintain and pay my bills, I struggled with budgeting and just making wise choices. Now, I balance my checkbook like it’s my religion. I can account for every dollar that comes through my accounts. I have a calendar that I write the days and amounts of each of my bills and I keep it visible. For me, I find that I need a visual reminder, in addition to setting them on my electric calendar. Some time ago, I’d find my bills getting behind even though I had the money sitting in my account, simply because I didn’t pay attention to when they were due. Writing things down, helps me remember things.

On Love’s List

And yes, there is an actual list of everything that I want in a partner. I actually call it my “husband bucket list”. I wrote it on 7/8/07, believe it or not. The original list comprised of 19 qualities that I want in a mate, was revised on 8/15/09 and has maintained a total of 22 things. And even then, my #1 hasn’t changed. And while I didn’t intend to write it in a hierarchical manner, I will say that my top 3 are still my top 3. I like writing these things down, because it helps me assess progress, if there is any, lol. It also reminds me of all that I want and deserve. So what’s #1 on my list? Probably the thing that’s at the top of every woman’s list. Security. In every sense of the word.


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