Like Attracts Like

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So I met this really cool chick in my new office and we had lunch today. Being that the two of us make up 50% of the minority population in my entire company, it was important for me to reach out and connect with her. Continue reading “Like Attracts Like”

The Courage to Commence


So, as I’m entertaining the idea of this blogging journey, I’m doing my due diligence, researching this space and trying to get ideas and inspirations for how to go about starting my own blog and find my place on the world-wide web. At first glance, I’m stoked! The excitement of it all consumes me. My mind and my notebook overflow with ideas, topics to write about, hashtags and more! I find inspiration in, well everything! My platform for writing is endless and I have complete free reign to promote any topic that I deem blog-worthy. Note to self: #BlogWorthy Continue reading “The Courage to Commence”