Like Attracts Like

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So I met this really cool chick in my new office and we had lunch today. Being that the two of us make up 50% of the minority population in my entire company, it was important for me to reach out and connect with her.

She told me about her journey and how she came to work for the company, as well as her plans to jump start her own business. I couldn’t help but be inspired as this woman told me how she completed graduate school while running a cleaning company with her husband and raising three kids. That’s just one of the reasons why I’m in so in love with my new job- because I feel like I’m surrounded by such a great group of people that I can’t help but learn from. My first week was kind of intimidating, as I felt like I really didn’t belong there, like I wasn’t smart enough but had somehow convinced them that I was. Since then, I’ve realized that this means way too much for me to just throw in the towel. This is just the beginning for me and I can’t quit. If anything, I have to step my game up and prove not only that I am supposed to be there, but also why I belong. I’m so grateful for every single person, from my direct supervisor to the President of the company who, God bless him, has assured me that I wouldn’t be there if they didn’t think I was the right fit for the job. And that’s been extremely comforting in those moments when I start to feel overwhelmed.

This job means a lot to me. I stalked the company for more than a year. And because it’s such a great place to work, the turnover rate is minimal, which is another reason why it’s so competitive to get on there. I interviewed for 3 different positions just trying to get a foot in the door before I actually got hired in the position where I am now- and its only entry level. But I’m confident that if I can learn my duties in this role and make a good impression, then I have a chance of crossing over into the department that I really want to be in. That’s been the case for several other people who started out as interns & entry level positions who’ve since advanced. For now, I’m just honored that they saw something in me to give me a chance.

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