Patience is a Virtue

Patience is not all about how long you wait but more about how you act while you wait. I’m terrible at this, I’ll admit. Especially in the world we live in now, where everything is accessible by the mere click of a button.

I’ve been praying for patience for what seems to be forever (go figure). And I’ll admit that I’ve struggled particularly with this in regards to my professional life. As a woman of a certain age, my 20-something self could never have imagined me being mid 30s and still trying to figure my life out. Many times, I’ve gotten discouraged. And some days I’m not sure if I feel more pressure from what the outside world telling me what I should be doing or my own thoughts.

As a good friend reminded me this week, “Don’t focus on who you don’t have, focus on who you have.” Very practical advice he gave me in regards to some hiccups I had last week with the production of my new docu-project, #RealLifeLoveStories. Later that night, I realized how applicable that was to life (& love), in general.

Thanks, Brody!


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