So long, 2019

This year was a big fucking bust for me!

I disappointed myself on so many levels. The way 2019 went, I’m not even pretending to make resolutions in 2020. It makes more sense for me to tell ya’ll WHAT I’M NOT ABOUT TO DO NEXT YEAR.

So here goes…


– Stop eating out, even though that shit is the most unnecessary expense in my budget πŸ˜†

– Be fake with anybody. If I don’t want to get to know you or give you my # then you not getting the # PERIOD❗️

– Act like IGAF if I really don’t

– Stop ignoring phone numbers I don’t know πŸ“΅

– Dim my light cause another MF thinks it’s too bright πŸ’Ž

– Go to my yoga classes consistently πŸ§˜β€β™€οΈ

– Make the right decisions EVERY SINGLE TIME when it comes to relationships or finances or hell, anything else

Overall, I’m not about to change OVERNIGHT just because it’s a “New Year”. Let me be clear, I do plan to do better, even getting to the gym to some of my yoga classes, but for ME, setting ‘resolutions’ just seems like too much pressure.

Having said ALL of that, there is one last thing I don’t plan to do in the New Year, and that’s give up.

2 thoughts on “So long, 2019

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  2. This post is amazing in so many levels!! It makes so much sense to not put so much pressure on the resolutions people won’t even stick to on 1/1/20. There’s no such thing as a do over in 2020, just going to try to do better everyday. One step at a time is all it takes!!! ❀️

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