12 Days of Manifestion

I told you all in my last post how I felt about New Year’s resolutions. With the clock counting down, I had this epiphany today that instead of making resolutions, I wanted to practice mindfulness. Again, because the pressure of New Year’s seems too heavy for me, I came up with this idea, literally today, of The 12 days of Manifestation. It’s kinda like the 12 days of Christmas, only…well, you get the idea.

They say it takes 21 days to form a habit. But even that sounds a bit intimidating to me. Can you say commitment issues, much? Anyways, I like this idea so I’m going to share with you the 12 ideas that I’ve decided to commit myself to creating more of in the upcoming year. And hopefully, I can devote myself more intensely to one of these per month, that way, for every one of the 12 days, I can focus more intensely on each month of the year.

Yeah, I like that…

Dandelions in meadow during sunset.

Day 1 – [SELF CARE] If you’re not good for yourself, then you won’t be good for anyone else. And while I’ve needed my time off the past week to do just that, I want to remember to that it’s okay to take a break from everything & everyone, every once in a while.

Affirmation: I will be intentional about making myself a priority.

Day 2 – [PROFESSIONAL GOALS] Because I’ll be going back to work after a 10-day hiatus, this will kind of be my reality check back into the real-world of having a job and working on my Master’s balanced with running a blog and other goals that I want to obtain, professionally. I want to devote some time to getting my professional goals in order.

Affirmation: I am pursuing personal fulfillment to become the woman that I want to be.

Day 3 – [FISCAL RESPONSIBILITY] I’ve always believed that before God blessed me with more, he needed to know I could handle what he’s already entrusted me with. In the past, I haven’t made the best decisions in the financial department. And I don’t say this as an excuse, the truth is, my parents weren’t the best examples. In fact, it wasn’t until I was in my 20s and saw my friends getting “financed” for things that I realized what credit was all about. We didn’t talk about money or savings or even debt (management) in my house. It’s taken me years of hard work & hard lessons to discipline myself.

Affirmation: I will be a better steward over my finances so that I can help not only myself, but others, as well.

Day 4 – [SURRENDER] It is my desire this year to increase my spiritual walk with Christ. For me, the problem has been releasing my the things I want for myself & trusting the plan that God has for me. I know we’re supposed to. And if you were to ask, I’d probably declare that I do trust Him, even though that has not been evident in my persistent pursuit of things that I know are not pleasing to Him. It is almost a constant struggle to let go of the things I want, but I would like to give in to total surrender.

Affirmation: Lord, give me the desires of Your will.

Day 5 – [FORGIVENESS] I’ve said it before that 2019 had some challenges for me. Even prior to 2019, I was hurt by someone that I loved deeply. And while the pain has subsided, I still can’t say I’ve forgiven yet. In fact, I haven’t even decided that I want to forgive, at this point. But I recognize that holding on is a hindrance to my healing.

Affirmation: I will not allow unforgiveness or any other negative thoughts to rise up again inside of me against those that have hurt me. I choose to remember their offenses no more & I release love & gratitude for their part in my story.

Day 6 – [EMOTIONS] All I want is good vibes and good energy around me in 2020, starting with me. And I’m not excluding myself from exuding this behavior. Sometimes, I can get in a downright funk for little to no reason at all. Whether this stems from a hormonal imbalance or some other un-diagnosed illness, I want to be in charge of my emotions.

Affirmation: Contrary to popular belief, happiness is a choice. I choose happiness, over fear, stress, frustration and circumstance.

Day 7 – [PEACE/POSITIVITY] You know how we’ve all got that one person who has a way of bringing you down, even when you’re in a good place. Whether it’s family or a friend, this year, I want to find a way to infuse positivity into any situation I’m in. Or at the very least, find a way to keep the peace.

Affirmation: I will not allow certain people or circumstances to disturb my peace.

Day 8 – [ABUNDANCE] An abundance of joy, opportunities and wealth, just to name a few.

Affirmation: I am creating and attracting more of what I want through my words, thoughts and actions.

Day 9 – [HEALTH/HEALING] This includes everything from physical to emotional to psychological to intrapersonal. Manifested in real life, it looks like me going to the doctor for routine check-ups and visits, taking advantage of counseling services when I need them and attending, at least some, yoga classes this year. This means actually taking sick days when I’m sick despite how much shit I have to do at my office. It means taking days off for my mental health & well-being, as well. And

Affirmation: I am responsible for my health, healing well-being.

Day 10 – [PATIENCE] I always say, “I’ve been praying for patience forever now & God is still taking His time.” But I realize that practicing patience looks like getting stopped at every red light on a Monday morning when I’m already running late. I’m not good with waiting because I feel like I’ve already waited so long, but I’m learning to trust God’s timing.

Affirmation: In this moment, I am replacing feelings of impatience with gratitude.

Day 11 – [SELF-WORTH] Like many of us, I’m sure, I could use a boost of self-confidence and a reminder of my worth, every now & then. Below is an affirmation that I’ve said now for a few years, as a daily/weekly reminder.

Affirmation: I am beautiful. I deserve only the best. I will not settle for what I have. I will wait for what I want.

Day 12 – [LOVE] Naturally, I would like to manifest romantic love in my life, but in whatever form this comes in, I want more of it. I want to fall in love with myself. I want to fall in love with my life. I want to fall in love with Christ. New love. Old love. Rekindled love. Unexpected love. I just, love Love. And anyway this manifests for me, is exactly what I want.

Affirmation: Love never fails. 1 Corinthians 13: 4-8

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