I recently watched this Netflix rom-com and thought seriously about applying the concept to my real-life dating life.

The premise of the movie begins when Sloane, played by Emma Roberts, comes home for the Christmas holiday, fresh off a breakup and the pressures of her family during the Christmas holiday, specifically her mother who warns her that “no man wants to marry a smoker”. To make matters worse, her sister’s union is not one that welcomes the idea of marriage, meanwhile, her brother proposes to his girlfriend of only 3 months.

Inevitably, Sloane engages with a handsome Aussie named Jackson whom after she agrees to accompany to a swanky New Year’s Eve shindig, persuades her to make the one-time event, recurring for every holiday throughout the year. No pressure.

As like most holiday films, the magic of the season conquers the two and they profess their love for one another. And aside from the plot twist, I actually like the idea of this concept. Like, for real.

I couldn’t help but wonder how this could work in real life. I mean…could it? We all know cuffing season is in full effect around this time, but maybe, just maybe for people who are emotionally disciplined enough to handle the lack of intimacy, it could work.

I wonder about the logistics, though. Like, would you only talk leading up to the holiday or would you feel some sort of obligation to talk throughout the year? What if you had an amazing time on New Years and really wanted to talk to them? What about intimacy, especially on Valentine’s Day? Or is that the point of a holidate, not to feel the pressures of a real relationship, opting for a more relaxed dating experience.

What are your thoughts? Would you go to this extreme to avoid being the only single person in your circle?

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