He Ghosted Me

Yep. Dis-a-fucking-ppeared. And just so you know, they don’t wait until October.

When everything first went down (after my boyfriend ghosted me), 2 years ago, I documented my breakup via my blog and a private YouTube channel which has since been made public. It served dual purposes, first as a therapeutic way to release and “get it out”. Second, I used these videos and others that I chose not to publish as research. As you know, I wrote a thesis to obtain my Masters degree on this very experience. I’ve also used the knowledge that I gained to publish other materials on ghosting, for example my very first book, Ghosts of Love Lives Past and an e-book, You Could Have Just Told Me: The role of computer-mediated communication when ghosting occurs in romantic relationships, and my new 12-step program, TheBreakup Space.

And to think, this all started because you broke her heart… ❤


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