Solygamy. Yes, It’s A Thing.

So I actually just heard of this word for the first time and without even looking it up, I concluded that it was the opposite of polygamy, where people believe in marriage between more than one person, whereas solygamy is the belief in solo marriage, or marriage to one’s self.

I was thinking about a recent post I wrote about being your own soulmate when I came across this term while searching for a story about R&B singer, Mya, who was recently in the news for her secret nuptials. While the internet was abuzz, awaiting to see the lucky groomsman, the Movin On songstress revealed that she had, in fact, married herself. Kinda.

As first reported by TMZ, the songbird shared photos of herself in a wedding gown back in February, as I shared to my blog. While the singer played coy initially, she teased that she would reveal her partner on Valentine’s Day last year. And as it turned out, the R&B darling was touting her music video, The Truth, where she expresses the ultimate vow of self-love. It reminded me of the blog I recently posted on being your own soulmate.

Mya ultimately confessed on Claudia Jordan’s (web) series, Out Loud With Claudia Jordan, that she actually did marry herself — way back in 2013, in what she described as a way to “take back” herself and “level up” after a toxic relationship. She went on to say that she’s been happily married for nearly seven years and that she even “renewed” her vows in 2019. The Best of Me superstar declared the move wasn’t about “all men” being dogs or anything like that, but more of an act of self-love. While the My Love Is Like…Wo singer definitely surprised fans with the news but congratulations are still in order.

Looks like Mya meant that when she said, It’s All About Me. Good for her.

Mya on the red carpet via Shutterstock

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