K.Michelle Is Almost Unrecognizable in New Photos

R&B songstress is known for belting out hits like Can’t Raise A Man and Love ‘Em All, but it was her new look on Instagram that many fans didn’t look familiar.

The starlet captioned the post, “Today you can call me Pinky.” And while the hair color is BOMB it’s her other features that commenters were quick to point out.

The Memphis native has been candid about her trips under the knife in recent years, owning up to veneers, a butt job, boob job, and a nose tweak. And while her appearance is not as drastic as that of other stars we know & love like Lil’Kim who’s gone off the deep end, I did notice in the current pic that her lips look noticeably fuller and I don’t see so much as a smile line, which I suspect is due to some amazing fillers. By no means am I saying that she doesn’t look good. She absolutely does. She just doesn’t look like her old her.


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