The Power of a Prayer (How to Pray for a Partner)

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R & B superstar, Ciara and Russell Wilson have been a constant reminder of #RelationshipGoals on our timelines since they wed in 2016, however, it was a 2019 interview with Angie Martinez that sent the internet into a tizzy around “Ciara’s prayer”. To date, there are books and blogs on the subject matter, including the 2018 devotional by Bradley D. Ramsey, Ciara’s Prayer: The Prayer Ciara Prayed for Russell Wilson.

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The couple has made no secret that in sharing how their faith brought them together, including their choice to abstain from sex until they were married. Both Russell and Ciara have publicly stated their desires to be with someone who’s spiritual ideas aligned with their own. And while many people credit the success of the relationship to Ciara’s prayer, Russell has been vocal about his prayer requests, as well. In a 2020 Instagram Live post on LaLa Anthony’s page, the Seahawks quarterback revealed his 5 non-negotiables for what he wanted in a partner. (1) a woman of faith, (2) a woman who is faithful, (3) an independent woman, (4) a woman who would love him the way his mother loved his father, and (5) a woman who will tilt the room.

To reiterate, Ciara didn’t have a one-time slam dunk version of a prayer. She was consistent in her journey over a period of time. Additionally, it wasn’t Ciara’s prayer alone that brought them together. Let’s not lose sight that Russell prayed for a wife, as well. 

Ciara & Russell wed in 2016 at Peckforton Castle in England

I’m sure many women have some rendition of a prayer of their own, and if I may, I’d like to share mine. Like Ciara, my prayer includes discernment & being able to recognize the person that is meant for me. Due to some prior relational trauma, my ability to open up has been a challenge because I have trouble letting go of the past. Ciara referred to it as “leveling up” when she upgraded from Future to her now husband, Russell Wilson. Similarly, my problem has been not wanting to let go of people even when I knew they were bad for me. During one of my serious relationship crises, I met a pastor at a bookstore one day who gave me his card. One day when I was too depressed to go to work, I called him and asked if I could meet him at his church to speak with him. Before I even had a chance to speak because the tears were streaming down my face, he spoke directly to my issue and told me to say this specific prayer. I’ll never forget the exact words he said to me, “You need to ask God to deliver you from this man or bring him back to you as your husband.”

I knew immediately it was deliverance that I needed. I had already asked God if he was The One & He told me no. On the day of his funeral, God revealed that as the reason why he told me no. Anytime I’ve ever had trouble getting over a relationship after that, I meditate on that prayer. In fact, I’ve stopped praying for what I want, altogether. I know the Bible says, God will give you the desires of your heart (Psalms 37:4), but I’ve learned to pray for the desires of God’s will for my life regarding my husband. In fact, it’s an affirmation I repeat almost daily, “Not my will, Lord, but give me the desires of Your will.” I trust Him way more than I trust myself.

WHAT ARE YOUR THOUGHTS? –> Do you believe in the power of prayer? Can prayer change a person in a relationship? Do you or have you prayed for a (future) spouse?

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