Kelly Rowland Stars in Merry Liddle Christmas Baby

For the first time ever, Lifetime presents a holiday trilogy with the latest installment of the Liddle family franchise & I. CAN’T. WAIT. I’ll admit that Christmas is one of my favorite holidays, but I’m not the girl who watches Christmas movies on Hallmark year round desperate to get in the spirit of things, but if I’m completely honest, Lifetime’s Liddle family has me hooked. Last year, I made sure to set my DVR to record it and I planned out my snacks and lit my fireplace, specifically to watch. And it didn’t disappoint.

For those who are unfamiliar, Kelly Rowland stars as a believable 30-something single woman who’s super put-together and has a successful career as a tech entrepreneur. Jacquie Liddle alongside her stylish sister, Kiara played by Bresha Webb, and the more settled and conservation one, Treena played by actress Latonya Williams will win you over with their resilience despite their setbacks as they focus on the true spirit of the holiday season β€” love and family. I love this movie because I, too, have two sisters and I can see a little bit of us, in each of them.

In the movie’s 2019 debut, Merry Liddle Christmas, holiday plans go awry when Jacquie’s family comes to visit her pristine home and sparks begin to fly with her handsome new neighbor, Tyler. The following year in Merry Liddle Christmas Wedding, the couple faced challenges, once again, getting to the altar.

And while Rowland was concealing a real-life baby bump in the film, she reveals to PEOPLE that the family welcomes a new Liddle in the upcoming edition of the franchise, along with other surprises. “Fans will be able to feel the love we have poured into this story as the Liddle family expands in so many fun and unexpected ways,” teased the mother of two who also serves as the film’s executive producer.

Kelly Rowland and Thomas Cadrot from Lifetime’s Merry Liddle Christmas baby Credit: Lifetime

Rowland’s leading man, Thomas Cadrot is also excited for the release of the movie this holiday season. In his interview with PEOPLE, Cadrot adds, “This movie just overflows with heart. I think people will embrace the abundance of love and honesty that lie in each of the characters.”

The network has not announced a release date yet, but oh boy (or girl) are we excited!

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